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When it comes to electric scooters, customers are usually spoilt with choices and will have a tough time choosing the right one for themselves. We’ll share a little more on some factors that you might want to consider before deciding on the electric scooter that suits you best.

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1.) Rider's weight:

In general, most scooters can withstand a payload of about or less than 100kg. For lighter weight riders, all types of e-scooters are suitable and the weight will not affect the performance of the e-scooters. As for riders who are on the heavier side, you should go with the more robust e-scooter such as the Ninebot Segway Max. Though the e-scooter weighs heavier at about 18.5kg, it has a very strong body and a ten-inch wheel, which can pretty sustain the weight and is powerful enough to even go uphill with a breeze. 

2.) Travel distance:


Different e-scooters has different battery sizes, thus different travel ranges. Most electric scooters would have a range of more than 15km. For those who are prefer rides for longer range, do consider getting the Ninebot Segway Max. It has a 65km range so technically you can scoot from Kuala Lumpur to KLIA in one single trip!

Other than that, our latest Inmotion L9 is one of the most anticipated electric scooters that can go up to the range of 95km. Yes, you heard me right. With an unrivalled range, a lightning-fast Dash charger, and a smooth and comfortable ride, the L9 will help you see a whole new side of your city, redefining your daily commute.


3.) Weight of the e-scooter:

Most of the e-scooters weigh in between 12kg to 13kg. If your main concern is the weight of the e-scooter, we have the lightweight e-scooters as well, weighing about 10kg - Segway Ninebot T15. But mind you, the performance of an e-scooter is usually proportionate to the weight of the e-scooter. Larger motor size, bigger battery and a more solid e-scooter frame will all contribute to heavier weight. The Segway Ninebot T15 has a maximum payload of 100kg and is best suited for ladies and kids. It serves the niche purpose of bringing into the LRT/ MRT/ Buses and best used for distance of about or less than 25KM.

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              Photo: Segway Ninebot T15

Our newest models of Segway Ninebot E22, E25 and E45 can also be taken into consideration when you are concern about the weight of electric scooters. With the weight of 13kg, 14kg and 15kg respectively, they can be easily carried around and brought into the public transport during your daily usage. They are the new launching of year 2020, simple in design, lightweight, affordable and best suited for adults and all genders.


4.) Usage of the e-scooter:


There won’t be a one size fits all e-scooter, hence different types of e-scooters will cater for different usages. If you are the adventurous type that prefer e-scooters that is suitable for long rides, the Inokim OXO would best suit your needs. With a top speed of 65kmh and a travel range of about 100km, you can be rest assured of a seamless journey!

As for a basic leisure and ride in the park, the Ninebot Segway E22, E25, or even the Inmotion L9 would be  more than enough for a comfortable ride with friends and families.

5.) Portability:

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All the e-scooters are foldable and is easy to be carried around. It is so compact that it can be placed inside a car trunk and just pop it out whenever you need them. Once the e-scooter is  folded, you can drag them around using the trolley wheel or the front wheel. If portability is your main priority, you may want to avoid heavy scooters such as the Ninebot Segway Max and instead go with the Ninebot Segway T15, Ninebot Segway E22, or the Ninebot Segway E25. The Ninebot Segway T15 is ranked as the most portable e-scooter among the line-ups due to its small size when folded as it also has a foldable handlebar and adjustable handlebar height. You can even add-on a trolley wheel that allows you to move it around with not extra effort required!


6.) Maintenance:

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Though it is relatively easy to deal with an electric scooter as compared to your other mode of transport, minor maintenance is still required to be done for your e-scooters. Some of the parts which requires maintenance are tyres (tube tyres), brakes and the nuts and bolts. The e-scooter which is easiest to maintain would be the Ninebot Segway E22 in which the e-scooter has a motor brake, and a solid rubber tyre which doesn't require much maintenance, unlike tube tyres, drum brakes or disc brakes which may wear out over time. Tube tyres would be subject to puncture and changing the tube might be quite inconvenient. Tubeless tyres would have a lesser chance to go flat and provides the best comfort when riding. 

However, the newly upgraded version of the ES series like Ninebot Segway E25 and E45 has a double-wheel design to avoid flat tire. It took three years for Segway to develop the flat-free tire technology, which feature comfortable shock-absorption of pneumatic tires and flat-free function of solid tires. Go hassle-free with the full power, free driving and most importantly, you'll get to enjoy a safe riding throughout your journey.

7.) Price of the e scooter:

A reliable e-scooter would most likely cost about RM1,500 and above. We only sell e-scooters that are from brands that are established and reliable. We focus a lot on safety features, low or almost NIL defect and best of all, we only sell what we have tried on ourselves and will use it personally. We strongly suggest in choosing brands which is well-developed and has already been in the market long enough.  


BONUS - Detachable battery design:

hx x7 review

The HX x7 is the only model which has a detachable battery design. This allows you to swap the battery easily when you're out of battery. With this detachable design, it makes life easier and convenient as you can just remove the battery out from the e-scooter and charge the battery pack directly. 

hx x7 scooter

 Photo: Hx x7 E Scooter


Here are 6 things you should know before getting an electric scooter  

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