Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle New Launch 03 April 2020

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InMotion V11 – First Ever Electric Unicycle With Built in Suspension

inmotion v11 suspension

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Coming to You in May 2020

   The official presentation of V11 presented by Inmotion Technologies CEO

Also, Here are the full specification of InMotion V11:

Technical Specification InMotion V11

v 11 Specs.jpg

v 11 Specs.jpg

If you missed the product launch you can watch it here:

The first Electric Unicycle with built-in suspension.

We are sure that this is only the beginning! Soon, the other two serious manufacturers will follow the idea and we will maybe see the same from KingSong and GotWay this year.

Inmotion V11 Test Jump

inmotion v11


Not bad at all.

Aggressive Design

The Inmotion V11 comes with an off road tyres which is theOff-road king landing with New Dimension of Tire, Bigger and Wider. If you have been waiting for an off road long distance EUC, now you have got it.

inmotion v11 tyres

Let's talk about the design shall we.

THREE times larger paddings which means it will be much much more comfortable to ride  for long distance rides.

Airflow Design which prevents the EUC from getting overheated.

The anti Spinning safety button has been tested more than 100,000 times to ensure the top class quality that Inmotion is offering.

Double the charging port, almost twice as fast charging, you will only need 5 hours of charging time for the V11, which can last you for 120km (75miles) ride.

inmotion v11 stand

inmotion v11 stand

Interesting! Now it comes with a parking stand.

Inmotion V11 Comes with the TOP SPEED of 50km/h.

Thanks to the larger 21700/ 84V batteries and the powerful new motor (2000W).

Inmotion V11 can achieve greater climb gradient at 35%



Now with the V11 we have double the amount of MOS compared to the V10F model. What does it mean? It means safer and more reliable! 

inmotion v11 control board

For the first time, we will see Automobile Level Taillight.

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Not to mention about the front light: Much much brighter and safer with 7800 Lux, which means you are most likely to see your path clearly and safely at night. Inmotion definitely care about your safety.

Get excited as we bring to you this revolutionary EUC from Inmotion!

Inmotion V11 Taillight

InMotion V11 Release Date

The official launch of the model is expected in late May, early June. 

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inmotion v11 Banner.png

Inmotion v11 Banner 2.png

inmotion v11

Practical Usage of the Inmotion V11 on the streets

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