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Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO 2020 (37kmh, 150cc)

RM 6,688.00
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segway ninebot gokart pro

Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO⁣

Exclusively and Newly brought to you by scooterzmalaysia.com

segway ninebot gokart pro

⁣The Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO is a completely overhauled GOKART with a much more powerful motor and highertop speed, which makes it an electric performance kart, with more than 150cc. It comes with 1.02g acceleration and 96nm of torque. ⁣

segway ninebot gokart pro

It has loudspeaker which features racecar Engine Sound Effect with, race car designed body kit, and a racing spoiler which gives you more grip on the ground.⁣

segway ninebot gokart pro

It comes With 432wh battery and four air vents for the Battery Cooling system and allows it to round the 400m lap track for 62 laps.⁣

segway ninebot gokart pro

The Segway Nimebot Gokart PRO has been Tested over 33000km together with professional race car driver, and designed together, and they are designed to bring you a much more pleasant drift mode.⁣

segway ninebot gokart pro

It also comes with quick heat dispersal Motor, which prevents the motor from overheating. ⁣

segway ninebot gokart pro
The gokart PRO uses quick dismantle tyre system which makes tyre changing easier if you're wearing out the tyres quickly from all the drifting and fun.⁣

segway ninebot gokart pro
Added features includes auto hold, which prevents the kart to move on Gradient terrain.⁣

You can even set the torque vectoring in the app based on your preferred turning style and race style. ⁣

segway ninebot gokart pro

Safety Features which includes reinforced front bumper, extra Grip front tyres to increase friction and high speed safety turning. ⁣

Safety features which also includes dual communication between the motor and gokart kit, with both cable and bluetooth communications. Which will reduce the risk of losing communication of the pedals and motor. ⁣

Ninebot Gokart Pro.png

It can be easily folded and placed inside the car. The gokart can be separated into two parts (gokart kit and Hoverboard Max), which you can use the hoverboard separately by assembling the leg handle bar. ⁣

ninebot-gokart-pro-7 (1).pngXT_D101348B.jpg

Specs summary for the Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO:⁣

Top Speed: 37km/h (race mode)⁣
Range: 25km⁣
Torque: 96nm⁣
Motor Power: 900W⁣
Max Output Power: 4800W⁣
Acceleration: 1.02G⁣
Loudspeaker system: Yes ⁣
Air Vented Battery System: Yes ⁣
Tyres: CST Drift Type⁣
Drift mode: Inertia Drift and Dynamic Drift⁣
Torque Vectoring: App controlled ⁣

Now Opened for Pre Order.⁣

Video Credit: Tiktok 1980608148 


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