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Here are 6 things you should know before getting an electric scooter.⁣


1. Consider the size. ⁣

Size is one of the most essential things to look out for. Your weight must be able to be supported by the electric scooter. Meantime, you will also want to avoid scooter that is too bulky or too heavy to handle comfortably. It wouldn’t be good to drag your scooter up and down the stairs. ⁣


2. Sit-downs or stand on? ⁣

Which one you decided to go for at the end of the day depends largely on your preference. However, an additional electric scooter seat is recommended for people who wish to have more comfort. ⁣


3. Battery⁣

Similar to all other electronics, you shouldn’t buy an electric scooter until you find out if the battery is good enough for you. Aside from the power, you should also take the charging time into consideration. It is normal that the battery life will reduce as you use and charge more often as time goes on. Hence, you should always ensure that you don’t drain off the battery so it can last longer. ⁣


4. Load capacity of the e scooter⁣

It is necessary to check on the max payload before getting one as not many people are eager to disclose. To an extent, your weight will determine what type of electric scooter you go for. The weight of a person will affect the speed as the scooter’s motor power will depends on how much weight it has to carry. You might wanna get a scooter that has higher power if you are on the heavy side. ⁣


5. Take the terrain of your route into consideration ⁣

How far are you going with your scooter? If it’s a longer distance, you might have to get a scooter that gives you more battery power. Also, the type of terrain you will be riding on affects your decision on what type of scooter you should use. For those who are riding on rough and bumpy terrains, consider getting our INOKIM OX - the beast. Hence, it is important to check your regular route to see if the scooter serves the purpose well. ⁣


6. Speed ?⁣

You should make sure to compare the scooter’s speed with the optimal speed for your city as safety measures are always our first priority when riding.  ⁣

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