King Song S-18 Electric Unicycle

King Song S-18 Electric Unicycle

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king song s18

Introducing the King Song S18, a wheel like never before. Move in ultimate Style and Comfort featuring an on board Adjustable Suspension System.

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'Smoothness Redefined'

ks-s18 kingsong

Highlights: KS-S18 uses 12 big MOS tube TO-247, which can endure big current, has better heat dissipation, powerful in acceleration and slope climb. 


Suspension Features: KS-S18 has a suspension spring length of 90mm compared to the Inmotion V11 at 70mm 

One Word, Smooth!

ks-s18 kingsong


Max Speed: 50km/h

Travel Range: 100km

Max Payload: 120KG

Motor Power: 2200W

Battery Size: 1100wh

Suspension: 90mm 

Climbing Gradient: 40 Degrees

Charging Time: 6 Hours

Tyre Size: 18*3 Inch

Net Weight: 22KG

kss18 specs

S18 comes with built-in trolley handle, which features anti-spinning function.

king song s 18

Optimized Weight for the KS-S18 at 22kg Nett: To ensure the most comfortable riding experience and in order to retain the slim design, Kingsong has compromised the battery capacity to 1,110wh. This allows some plus points towards portability factor which we believe most would appreciate.

ks s18 black and white

The KS-S18 is available in two colours: Black and White

Kuji Testing the s18

 Look at the magic of the suspension. You might recognize those shoes. Machine testing by Kuji Rolls.


Last but not least, we would like to commend KingSong for putting this wonderful machine at a very sweet price point.  Given the specs and the additional state of the art innovation, we think that definitely it is a bargain. 

Pre Order today and be the first to own this beast.

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kss18 king song

kss18 kingsong

We have started to collect pre order booking, secure a unit today with only MYR888 booking deposit.

The KS-S18 by King Song Estimated Release Date is expected in early June for Malaysia

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ScooterzMalaysia.com Xperience Centre, Sunway South Quay, Jalan Tasik Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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Detailed Product Specification for KS-S18

1. Sports Bike inspired design. Aerodynamics with air intake system. Aggressive curvature design

2. Variable Linkage dampening air suspension system using 200-57 suspension
    a. X shaped suspension travel of 100mm
    b. Suspension is interchangeable and allows for personal modification and custom ride style
    c. Adjustable air suspension system from on to off. Off state still reacts to big bumps but will ride similar to a wheel without suspension.
    d. Rotary switch for sensitivity adjustment
    e. Different pressurization can be adjusted to according to rider weight

3. Padding designed in cooperation with Kujirolls

4. User Experience focused ergonomic design to connect wheel with rider

5. 12 MOS design connected to aluminum body frame for fast heat dissipation without the need of fan

6. Headlights are 2 times stronger to the 16X with 2*5w (high beam) and 2*4w (short beam) with automatic sensor to switch between modes

7. Ergonomic handle designed for pushing and lifting which can be hidden inside body frame when not in use.

8. First ever high performance wheel with limited wiring with all key components housed on PCB

9. Rear light dislaying battery level, braking and turning signals all within one singular unit.

10. 21700 Battery system for better; efficiency to space ratio

Product Performance
Top SpeedFull speed unlocked after 10km.
Max speed of 50km/h
(Factory alarm settings: Level 1- 18km

Sound alarm Level 2- 19km

Sound alarm Level 3- Sound alarm with tiltback)
Mileage1110Wh (around 100km)
Maximum GradabilityAround 40°

Rated Power: DC 74V

Top Charging Voltage: DC 84V 

Rated Capacity:1,110Wh

Smart BMS with balance and protect overshoot/ over discharge/ overcurrent/ short circuit/ overheating function, support monitoring the battery conditions via KingSong APP

Max Load120KG
Charger VoltageInput AC 80~240 V ,output DC 84V、2.5A
Charging Time1110Wh: about 6h 2.5A
Rated Power2200w
Max Power5000w
ColorWhite & black

Dimension & Weight
Dimension557mm(H) x 530mm(L) X 200mm(W)
Suspension Specification200-57 Air suspension
Suspension DistanceUsing a variable lever the wheel has dampening travel distance of 100mm which is transferred to the rear spring
suspension with a travel distance of 57mm.

Pedal Altitude (from ground)210-110mm
Tire Size18inch Diameter 3.0"inch
Weight1110wh around 22kg
EUC PortCharging port; Switch port; Light sensor port; USB discharge port
Light UP DisplaysRear light housing displays battery level, braking and turning signals all in one unit

Protective Measures
Lift SensorLift sensor accurately senses and determines when wheel is lifted off the ground to stop tire rotation.
Roll Protection45° left and right side. ( Motor stalls when over 45° )
Place the machine vertically on the ground will restart automatically, no need to restart manually

Speed Limit ProtectionBeep alarm or voice alarm when exceed limit speed
Low Battery ProtectionLow battery protection activated on 30% battery, speed will decreases linearly; when the battery is lower than 5%,
voice alarm for charge, when battery at 0%, the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate until full stop

Higher Temperature ProtectionWhen the motherboard reaches 80℃ it will cresult tiltback. When the motor reaches 120℃ it will result in tiltback.

Alarm & Features
Swith On/OffShort press power key: turn on
Long press: hear a click then turn off
Battery IndicateLed shows battery level when EUC power on at rest

Hardware Features
MainboardThe motherboard is designed with a 4 layer structure, allowing for better stability performance. 12 large individual
TO-247 imported MOS to sufficiently support the 2200W motor. MOS is attached to the aluminate body frame of
the wheel for better heat dissipation.

BluetoothBluetooth 4.0. Allowing strong stable data transmission
USB OutputQuick charge 3.0
Front Light2*5w light high beam with 2*4w short beam. Double the strength of the 16x, providing excellent illumination at
Temperature SystemTemperature of the motherboard is continously closely monitorered to ensure rider safety

HandleAluminum constructed handle designed for ergonomic pushing of the wheel or lifting of the wheel
MotorHigher power 2,200w motor that provides a maximum torque of 140N.m providing fast acceleration
Suspension SystemUnique X shaped suspension system. Racing level suspension provides the ultimate support and shock absorption
Standard Accessories1x Charger, 1x Manual, 1x Pump, 1x Warranty card, 1x QC certificate

ks-s18 stairs climbing

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