How to ride an Electric Unicycle

How to ride an Electric Unicycle

How to Ride an Electric Unicycle 

Electric Unicycle

Learning how to ride an electric unicycle scooter is not as difficult as it seems to be. Once you get to know how to ride it, it will give you many wonderful experiences. You can drive it to your school, workplace, garden, or supermarket, etc. easily, greenly and fashionably. Now, let's go to learn how to ride an Electric Unicycle Unicycle (one wheel, no seat, no handle).

1. Preparation work

Turn on the scooter first, then put on your right foot on the right pedal, making sure your right foot is close to the body of the scooter(Generally, most people's strong foot is his/her right foot, if you think your left foot can control the vehicle better, you can also use your left foot according to personal habits). You can move your soles of the foot a little forward, so that you can be easier to move your body gravity and control the vehicle forward. Make your calf slightly tilted inward to buckle the scooter, and the left foot on the ground should stand in parallel with the right foot on the pedal.

2. Warm-up training

Keep the posture we learned in the first step (your right foot is on the pedal and your left foot is on the ground), make your left foot as the center, and your right foot slowly controls the electric unicycle mini scooter forward and backward, just like you slide many arcs on the ground. At this time, make sure your calf has well fastened the vehicle, so that it will not fall and out of control. This action should be a basic training as a beginner until you think you can control the scooter forward and back well.

3. Slide training with single foot

Keep the action we learned in the first step (your right foot is on the pedal and your left foot is on the ground), make sure your feet keep paralleled, now we begin to try one-foot glide training. Kick the ground gently with your left foot, and make the scooter sliding. It's ok even the glide distance is short; you can find a feeling of controlling the unicycle with single foot. Keep the training sessions for several times. If you feel you will fall when sliding, stabilize the scooter quickly with your left foot, and then adjust the state to re-start training.

4. Get on the scooter with two feet

If there is a railing in the training field, or you have a friend accompanied with you, which will be so great. Make a good preparation for driving (do as what we said in step 1), and gentle kick the ground, then put both your feet on the pedals. Move your gravity forward or tread the pedal gently, it will slowly forward; if you want to brake the scooter, move your gravity backward or just lower down your body. Remember that practice makes perfect. You can do several training sessions every day and continue to practices for a few days.

5. Turn

Now, you can find an open place to practice getting on and off, forward and backward, etc. Now we will tell you how to turn. Since one wheel electric unicycle scooter is driven by the center of gravity, so if you need to turn left, then the center of gravity of the left foot will be stronger than the right foot. So does turning right. Try a big curve first and then a small curve.

6. Skills for riding on the speed bump

Try to relax when you ride a speed bump and make sure your body is not too stiff. Your knees must bend a little and clamp the scooter so as to ease the shock. Your body will be ups and downs with the vehicle when driving on the deceleration strips.


1. It is recommended to wear protective gear every time you practice;

2. We suggest you to adopt productive cover or anti-collision strip to protect your new scooter when you practice riding (yet the collision strip is easy to stay glue); You May get them here.

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Extra Tips: Persistence! Persistence! Persistence!

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