Xiaomi m365 Tyre Replacement

Xiaomi m365 Tyre Replacement

How to change and replace Xiaomi M365 / inflatable or solid tire?

Alternatively, You may also leave all the hassle to us as We provide Tyre Replacement services for Xiaomi M365.

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Have you punctured your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter? Or do you simply want to change the solid wheels of your scooter? We present you the best tutorial so that changing the wheel of your scooter, and everything is well coupled and do not have problems when assembling it.

Xiaomi M365/ M365 Pro 

How to change and replace Xiaomi M365 inflatable tyres?

Before explaining to you, step by step, how change the tire of Xiaomi electric scooter , let's see what are the necessary requirements:

  1. 8.5-inch by 2-inch inflatable or solid tire
  2. Allen wrench
  3. Razorblade
  4. Flat blade screwdriver
  5. 18mm wrench
  6. Lubricant
  7. Silicone paste

Once you are ready, you can replace your electric scooter tyres by following these steps:

Step 1: Remove the red protective stickers

Be careful not to break them, as they protect the inside of the screws, and if water gets in they can rust.

Xiaomi M365/ M365 Pro 

Step 2: Remove the protective cap and screws.

Step 3: Turn the scooter over to the other side and repeat the Step 2.

Xiaomi M365/ M365 Pro 

We recommend that you have the scooter on the table, with the wheel on the outside, and make as much force as possible by squeezing down to remove the nut. Another option is to put the screwdriver, and pliers held to the handle of the screwdriver, and make force with the pliers.

Step 4: Lift the cover and loosen the nut below it using a wrench

Step 5: Disassemble the wheel and inflatable tire.

It's time to remove the wheel and get to the bedroom. For this, it is highly recommended to have some wheel changers, which we have in our store. Another more home-made option that can also work, is to use some spoons, making pressure in the external part of the tire, with care.

Step 5: Change of inflatable tire

Step 6: Reassembly of the complete wheel

Back to the whole process, it's time to put the wheel in place, and put the screws one by one, in the order in which we remove them. Be careful to tighten all the screws correctly, it will not be that the wheel loosens in the middle of a journey.

Before getting on the scooter again, make tests, move the handlebars and test the scooter at a low speed, so you can check that everything is OK.

Xiaomi M365/ M365 Pro 

How to change Xiaomi M365 solid tire?

The steps for changing to a solid wheel are the same as those mentioned above for inflatable wheels, only the final step changes.

Step 1: Add some lubricant on the rim of the wheel.

Step 2: Soften the solid wheel by fill it in 100℃ water 10 minutes or heat it in the microwave for three minutes, and check in after every minutes

Step 3: Once the wheel is soft enough, remove it and fit the rim into it. Let it cool for five minutes.

Step 4: Fasten the nut and the other screws (while replacing the plastic cover) on both sides. Also, make sure that you return the red labels.

After long time riding, you may find that the flat tire of Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. You should pumping up it. But how to know the tire pressure is suit for me? Don’t worry, the following table will help you.

How to measure Xiaomi M365 electric scooter tire pressure?

To get the right pressure in your tires, you must have a pressure gauge. This shows you the pressure inside your tires. The manometer generally has two units of measurement on its display, the BAR and the PSI.

Here is our table to summarize the optimal pressure to put in your Xiaomi M365 scooter tyres, according to your weight.

Body weight

Front wheel

Rear wheel

50-70 Kg

35-40 psi / (2,4-2,7 bar)

40-50 psi (2,7-3,4 bar)

70-90 Kg

40-45 psi (2,7-3,1 bar)

45-55 psi (3,1-3,8 bar)

90-100 Kg

45-50 psi (3,1-3,4 bar)

50-60 psi (3,4-4,1 bar)

Alternatively, You may also leave all the hassle to us as We provide Tyre Replacement services for Xiaomi M365.

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