INOKIM OZO E Bike (OZOa & OZOe) First Look at the Revolutionary Ebike by Inokim

INOKIM OZO E Bike (OZOa & OZOe) First Look at the Revolutionary Ebike by Inokim

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The OZOe electric bike is mainly recognized by its unique shape inspired by the letter "Z".

The frame is designed as one main continuous line connecting all the bicycle features together such as the steering, front wheel, rear motorized wheel, seat, and pedals. In addition, it holds a rear suspension within its natural shape. All parts and frame are made of aluminum profile to reduce weight.

The lithium ion battery is an integral part of the frame and can be removed to recharge separately.
inokim ozo

Inokim OZO is the first and revolutionary Ebike by Inokim, with an award winning design and swap-able battery feature. The OZO comes in two distinct version, the OZOa with pedal and the OZOe without pedal. 

The OZO is beautifully designed with the Z shaped bike frame.

inokim ozoa vs ozoe

On the left is OZOa (with pedal) and OZOe on the right (without pedal)

Here are the specs for the Inokim OZO







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OZO-Detail (30).JPG


One of the main factors that make the Inokim OZO revolutionary is the swap-able battery design. Yo can now have more than one battery and just swap the battery when you run out of juice. You can also charge the battery separately without bringing the ebike with you.

OZOe (30).JPG

It comes with a 16” pneumatic tires for max Comfort.



It also comes with dual disc brakes


'Portability in mind'

OZO-Detail (23).JPG

The Inokim OZO is Beautifully designed with foldable handle bar and adjustable seat height

OZO-Detail (21).JPG

Comes with elegant looking dashboard interface and battery level indicator

OZO-Detail (32).JPG

Safety feature: Comes with both rear light and front light for safer ride at night.

OZO-Detail (31).JPG

Product Manual: OZOa_e-UserGuidePreview.pdf

Available July 2020, get yours today at www.scooterzmalaysia.com

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